Who is not dreaming of making a safari, experiencing the real wild nature and all its wonderful animals? Tanzania is the country where you can live that dream. This is the country of abundant wildlife, breathtaking nature, beautiful sceneries and rich cultural heritage. Tanzania has 120 tribal groups, all with their own language and culture. Meet the Maasai with their own traditions, colourful clothing and beads, or why not the Hadzabe at Lake Eyasi. Adventure is also never far away. Climb the Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa (5895m) or the Mount Meru (4566m) as a starter. Also relaxing is never a problem in Tanzania. Visit white beaches at the Zanzibar coast or at Pemba or Mafia Island. Akili Sablu Expedition invites you to enjoy these beautiful parts of Africa. Karibu Tanzania – Welcome in Tanzanai.

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